Buyers Tips

Buyers Tips

Follow the Rule – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield Real Estate Agency

In most cases it is always better to sell before you buy. Consider the possibility of finding your dream home and not being sure that you can purchase it because you cannot confirm the money will be definitely available, it is always better to know. Do not bet on the idea that you will ‘probably’ sell your house in time, know it is sold and know what you can afford. It will save a lot of heartache in the long run.

Starting Out – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

We advise you to research when starting to look for a property to buy. Prepare a short list of preferred areas, your affordability and accommodation requirements, and bear in mind that we can supply you with information on current sales that will assist you in your decision making process. Inspect every property in the area so that you can get a feel for the price range you are buying into. Attend auctions that are relevant in the area too. Contact all of the sales agents in your area. The agents will be able to offer you advice, keep you updated with properties of interest, and alert you to new listings before they hit the media. Read the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday mornings and local papers, for our area it is the North Shore Times on Fridays. Start early and make the most of your Saturdays, because if you work a nine to five week, Saturday may be the only day you have for looking (generally properties are not open on Sundays). If this all sounds too much then use the Internet. It really is a buyer’s best friend! Each agency has a web site so use them! Some agents do not update their internet site as regularly as we do so try subscribing to the Home Alert Service on the Sydney Morning Herald’s Web Site Once you put in your criteria, the database will automatically email you when new property becomes available. After you get the email you can take a Virtual Inspection of the property online from a direct link so you can let your mouse do the walking!

When You Have Found The One – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

Make sure you are buying in the best possible location you can afford. Look at the environment, the neighbouring properties, and the street appeal. Do your research again. Ask the local council about any development applications. If a new development is proposed to be built next door, you will definitely want to know! If you are buying a unit, get a strata report to see if there are any special levies or intended improvements to the block. Find out if the property is under a flight path, near a train line, on a late night bus route etc. Make sure you inspect the property at different times of the day and the week. This way you will definitely know if there is going to be a noise problem. Also analyse the surrounding amenities to see if there will be a problem, like a church, which may cause parking problems on Sundays. Remember parking may be difficult on weekdays, check peak hour parking facilities. To find out this information, you need not go inside the house every time but just drive past at different times and days to see what is happening.

Formalities – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

If you decide you are really interested in the property, organise a pest and building report – not everything is visible to the naked eye. Floorboards might be infested with white ants, or there could be structural damage. If you can see faults, bring in a qualified builder or engineer to advise on the repairs. Get a couple of quotes so you know the ball-park figure and do not underestimate. If the property passes all of these check points and still really interests you then ask the agent to send a copy of the Contract for Sale to your solicitor or conveyancer. If there are any special conditions you would like included in the Contract for Sale, make sure you tell your solicitor (well before an auction) or if it is a private sale, talk to the agent who will probably be able to negotiate a deal with the vendor.

Price Guides – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

By now, you will be sure that the property is what you want or what you do not want! Now it is time to do some extra research on price. Phone agents after the auctions of other properties in the area and find out what prices have been achieved. It gives you a good indication of market value. Attend a few auctions beforehand and get a feel for what happens and how to bid effectively.

Auction Day – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

Arrange your finances so that you can write a cheque with some allowance for price variation on the day. If you are the successful bidder at the auction you will be required to sign the Contract for Sale and pay a 10% deposit. Personal cheques are acceptable. Remember you will need a card or document issued by a government or financial institution that shows your name and address, for example: a driver’s licence or learner’s permit, vehicle registration paper, council rates notice, etc. If you do not have proof of identity, you can use two documents that together show your name and address.

After the Sale – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

Your deposit will be cleared in our trust account and then we will invest it into an interest bearing account until settlement. The interest will be divided between you and the vendor(s) and distributed after settlement. The time between exchange of contracts and settlement is usually six weeks (42 days), (this depends on any previous conditions you have requested). Use this time wisely to arrange architects, builders, removalists, or interior designers to make their arrangements should there be any. Keep in mind that the vendor(s) will be organising a lot with their move and only has to let you have access for a pre-settlement inspection so they may not want to be interrupted too often. Speak to the agent, he/she maybe able to organise some access depending on how flexible the vendor is.

Settlement Day – Richardson & Wrench Lindfield

On settlement day, your solicitor or conveyancer may request that you have a pre-settlement inspection before settlement takes place. This is to ensure that the property is in the same condition as when you last inspected it and that all the inclusions are as per the Contract for Sale you signed. The solicitors/conveyancers will finalise all of the legal and financial matters. After settlement has occurred and the agent you bought the property through has received confirmation of the settlement, you can pick up the keys and go to your new property! A couple of days later you will receive your cheque from the agent for half the interest earned on the deposit in your new mail box! This finalises the process of purchase for your brand new home!

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact a member of our team at Richardson & Wrench Lindfield Real Estate Agency. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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