Renting With R&W Lindfield

Renting With R&W Lindfield

Richardson & Wrench Lindfield has a constant rent portfolio which we have managed for over 30 years. It has been steadily growing during this period so we are lucky to grow our property management team to match the department needs.

At all times your investment is being overseen by Richard Patterson, the principal of R&W Lindfield, to ensure all our clients’ needs are met and that everything is compliant. Litigation has become such a strong part of this industry and it is imperative that all our team is continually educated in this area.

Our aim is to respond to our tenants needs with haste and with a minimum of disruption. We value quality tenants and actively support them through their rental experiences, acting promptly in preparing, approving and registering all tenancy agreements.

Rental Payments

At Richardson & Wrench Lindfield we have a “No Cash” policy for the safety of all concerned. We accept payment by Credit Card through our “Rental Reward System”, bank deposits and direct debit. These methods subsequently reduce late payments and dishonoured cheques. We strive to assist all our tenants to be “good payers” to help them towards establishing a great credit rating for their future.

We prefer all tenants to pay monthly in advance for the coming month.

Handy Tips for Tenants

1. Use a door mat and lots of indoor mats. Be careful with make up solutions spilt on the carpet, stains are usually permanent.
2. Use indoor shoes inside the property.
3. Remove stains immediately, especially red wine, cosmetics, coffee and soft drinks.
4 .Check any rust in back of fridge or washing machine to avoid rust penetration into the tiles.
5. Use balconies for smoking and ash trays for ashing. Please do not encourage visitors to throw butts.
6. Contact your property manager as soon as there is a problem so it can be solved quickly and efficiently.

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